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> What you say is true, but I agree fully with Tom's comments on the 
> slovenly work coming out of the U of RI.  The early claims were simply 
> ridiculous and unsubstantiated by mathematical analysis.
> In the first place, any technical acedemic who is too lazy to search the 
> paper archives should probably find another vocation.  More importantly, 
> the lack of easy access to some of the older studies is more than offset 
> by today's easy access to powerful modeling software.  Even ten minutes 
> in front of a computer running almost any version of NEC will 
> demonstrate the near field strength parity of a 1/8 wave vertical versus 
> a full 1/4 wave when both are over a perfect ground.  The Navy's test 
> results were a foregone conclusion and a big waste of somebody's time 
> and our money.
> I can understand an individual like Vincent coming up with wild claims 
> for the publicity of it.  I have a harder time understanding how a major 
> university goes along with it unless they simply don't know any better.
> Dave  AB7E

Here is Vincent's biography:

As you can see, he is not a professional researcher, so 
it is unlikely that anything he did got peer reviewed by 
subject matter experts. 

If you go to the EE department website for URI, you will
notice that the department is small and almost exclusively
focused on signal processing and VLSI:

It doesn't appear that they have any folks who specialize in 
electromagnetics. Had this happened at a school like Ohio 
State where the EE faculty is heavily focused on 
electromagnetics and antennas, it might have raised some 
eyebrows (at least I hope). 

73 de Mike, W4EF................

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