Topband: PJ2 Topband Operations November 17-29

Jeff Maass jmaass at
Thu Dec 1 07:47:35 EST 2005


I've now returned from Signal Point on Curacao to the
cold bosom of Ohio, following a trip down for CQWW CW
and some operating before and after. My emphasis was
on 160 meters, although I played a bit on some of the
other bands when the pesky sun was up.

Topband conditions were the best I've experienced from
PJ2 in three years. 

While there was the usual QRN at 12-degrees north of
the equator (usually S8 to S9+10 on the inv-L; higher
when there are thunderstorms in the region), there
were times when using the RX antennas that the Europeans
sounded like they were in 40 meter pileups! The signal
from PJ2 was reportedly similar at their end, and S50U
has posted some audio clips of PJ2T, P40W, and HC8N on
160 during the contest at:

If anyone else has recordings of PJ2 on 160, I'd like
to receive copies!

Station was FT-1000MP, Alpha 76CA (1 KW input PJ2 limit),
inv-L over ~50 radials, Beverages for USA/JA (650-feet)
and Europe (1000-feet), and two Flags (Pacific & Africa).
The K9AY RX antenna pushbutton switch box (now permanently
installed at two of the four station positions) was a big
hit among the operators: the two station positions still
with rotary RX antenna selection will likely be upgraded
in the near future.

Before and after the contest, PJ2/K8ND logged 511 QSOs
on Topband in 60 countries, with WAC in the first night
of operating. In my six visits to the island, I've now
worked a total of 92 countries on 160. I logged about 
1700 QSOs on all bands.

During the 48-hours of CQWW CW, the PJ2T Multi-Multi
operation logged 1043 QSOs in 24 Zones and 91 Countries
on 160. Sadly, no JA or VK on 160 during the contest
(although ZL3IX was worked: the VK/ZL flag antenna wasn't
a total waste!). Was the Asian interference source active
during the contest weekend?

The PJ2/K8ND log and PJ2T CQWW CW log have been uploaded
to Logbook of the World (LOTW). For "paperware"
confirmations, QSL PJ2/K8ND to K8ND, and PJ2T to N9AG. 

Jim PJ2/W8WTS is still vacationing on the island, and 
when he chooses to break away from the XYL, he has access
to the Signal Point station through Friday. Jim prefers
the lowbands too.

It was a great time in Paradise, and I'm looking forward
to traveling back down for CQWW 160 CW in January!


Jeff  K8ND

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