Topband: PZ5PA and misc Boring notes

Tree tree at
Fri Dec 2 12:44:13 EST 2005

PZ5PA has been a regular most of the week - typically around 1828 listening 
up 2 or so.  He has often called for EU, but has also worked many in the USA.

In case you missed it, there is a log lookup web page for this operation. 

You can find it at

PA7FM is the QSL manager.  You can also check for QSOs with the PZ5C call
that was used during the CQ WW CW contest.  

Also - the QSL manager for TZ6MF is KC7V.  

Here in Boring, Novemeber finished out with only a single SM5EDX QSO for
Europe.  This come after > 120 European QSOs in October.  The same scenario
played out last year.  Seems very strange.  I know the band can be good in
November (remember that great opening we had on the second night of the
CQ WW in 1996).  It will be interesting to see what December brings.

For those of you not planning a full time effort in the ARRL 160, I hope
you will at least get on for an hour or two to help hand out some QSOs.

73 Tree N6TR / K7RAT
tree at

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