Topband: Measurements

Tod tod at
Sun Dec 4 17:17:42 EST 2005

After the contest ( this morning) I decided to measure the K9AY loop control
box filter/preamp characteristics. The two loops worked so well in the
contest that there were times when I thought I was using a very fast rotary
beam for receiving. I am sure that it helped me produce hours that were over
70 Q's per hour and one hour that was 87 Q's. Some of the rate meter peaks
were up to 144 Q's/hour which is a number I had not seen before on 160m when
I was operating.  I figure that is pretty good for !60 this far away from
the big population centers -- we have some pretty high population numbers on
wolves, grizzlies and elk but very low numbers on people and among the
people "160 meter operating amateurs.

I posted the K9AY measurement results as a series of spectrum analyzer
figures with some commentary. The K9AY control box filter/preamp is really
spectacular. You can find the report at: => Amateur Page => "Measurements of the K9AY control box

For those folks who want to improve their anti-noise reception on 160 I
certainly can recommend this receiving approach.


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