Topband: Willing the band to open

Tree tree at
Tue Dec 6 02:05:47 EST 2005

Last night, I worked IV3PRK to end a long time between European QSOs.  Also,
ZD8A was an easy QSO.

Tonight, RA6AX showd up around 0400 with a solid signal.  However, I could barely
copy RA4LW at the same time.  Later, 9H1ZA peaked up as if the spotlight was on
me - as he came right back even with a couple of east coast stations calling.
This was at 0455 UTC.

Then the band opened up a little to northern Europe with a QSO with OH3XR.  I
could also hear bits and pieces of ON4UN and DF2PY around 0700 UTC, but not 
well enough for a QSO.  

I also had VP5/N0VD answer one of my CQs - so he does have a 160 meter 
antenna.  I noticed he was spotted on some of the other bands.

Oh yes - and EA3JE was CQing on 1830, listening on 40 meters.

Hopefully, this is a sign of improving conditions and tomorrow will even be

73 Tree N6TR
tree at

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