Dennis OConnor ad4hk2004 at
Tue Dec 6 08:39:06 EST 2005

Unable to get into the ARRL 160 contest, but I'll be
there with bells on for CQ 160...

The good thing about requiring an E-log in Cabrillo
format is that it doesn't matter what NP4A thought,
his log will be scored by the computer according to
the rules..  The sad part is that ops bad behavior
cost you a Q and a multiplier..  In a contest I always
have my software set (TRLOG) to log everything...
Cabrillo will sort it out... It's quicker to work'em
and log'em than argue...

Anyway, I have the first of two arrays up for 160 (the
one pointed to EU in case I never finish the second!) 
Needs a matching transformer and tuning yet, but the
quick listen after I got it up indicates it does hear
to the NE so it has some FB at least...  I'll be
listening for you, John...

cheers  ...  denny - k8do

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