Topband: Staying Away From W1AW?

Tom Rauch w8ji at
Tue Dec 6 10:03:01 EST 2005

> I was attempting to listen to W1AW tonight on 160 meters
at 1.817.5.
> There was a long and loud QSO taking place on 1818.0 as
well as 1817.0.
> Is it prudent to stay a little farther away from them?
When W1AW is in
> the noise, having an S-9+30 signal 500 Hz away (on each
side) is a
> little difficult to deal with.

Why not listen on 80 or 40 meters Jim?

At my location, W1AW has it's own "guard band". W1AW often
(but not always) has weak hum sidebands and hissing spurs
extending out at least 500 Hz.  ;-)

IMO scheduled broadcast stations, especially those who don't
listen before they broadcast, really don't belong in a prime
area of the band. W1AW and WA0RCR both need to rethink where
they operate. maybe 1817.5 and 1855 or 1860 were OK 20 years
ago, but there are not the best choice today.

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