Topband: FW: ERROR IN ARRL 160M CONTEST RULES ? herbs at
Tue Dec 6 12:57:53 EST 2005

  On 12/5/05, john devoldere, ON4UN <john.devoldere at> wrote:
  I had a big problem working NP4A, a section multiplier for me (it also
  took some time to get Herb, KV4FZ, but eventually he worked me, probably to
get rid of me, hi). I heard many, many European stations calling, but I never
  heard NP4A working any European station. To me it seemed like he
intentionally ignored them.

John, If it were up to me you should have 10 points for your persistence and
another 10 for making it through the null on the NW Beverage I was using. Yes
the ARRL Rules are slanted for allowing each W/VE "non-DX" to get credit for
ARRL sections as multipliers that DX stations can't. In fact my contest
logging program won't even let me log a DX contact. You contact is on a
reference station log.

Years ago in the early 60's when Topband Pioneer Charles O'Brien, W2EQS put
this contest together for CQ it became an instant success.  The ARRL had its
reasons for not supporting initially a 160 meter contest but finally decided
it would be appropriate.  So not to clone the CQ event they decided on  sort
of an SS contest for 160 while throwing in DX-stations for the salsa.  Imagine
100's of Europeans clamoring in a pile up for a 100 watt North Dakota
station!  An interesting concept that in practice did not work. What we have
rather, is a wall of East Coast big guns calling CQ in 300 Hz increments from
1800 up to 1850.  Again the rare ARRL section may be workable by W/VE but the
many Euro's never have a chance.

IMHO if you want a topband contest that makes everybody a player, try the up
coming Stew Perry event as see the difference, not just in the ability to work
a lot of DX, but also in the attitude of the participants, who for some reason
revert back to the Gentleman's Band syndrome.


Herb Schoenbohm, KV4FZ

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