Topband: Staying Away From W1AW?

Brad Rehm brehm at
Tue Dec 6 15:50:32 EST 2005

"At my location, W1AW has it's own "guard band". W1AW often
(but not always) has weak hum sidebands and hissing spurs
extending out at least 500 Hz.  ;-)

"IMO scheduled broadcast stations, especially those who don't
listen before they broadcast, really don't belong in a prime
area of the band.  Tom"


Have you mentioned the sideband problem to Joe, NJ1Q?  I'm sure he'd be
deeelighted to look into the matter for us.

As for the League's sending bulletins on take is that topband
isn't so crowded yet that they need to move down-band.  I've noticed it's
also handy to have this beacon-that-isn't-a-beacon there to tell me how the
prop is running.  Close to, but not too close to, the frequencies of
interest is good.

W1AW is on the same frequency at the same time every day, so they're not
that difficult to avoid...if you really want to avoid it.  The real problem
may be that some ops just don't want to avoid QRMing it.

Brad, KV5V

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