Topband: Eliminating endless CQing

Tree tree at
Tue Dec 6 17:47:12 EST 2005

> Has there ever been a discussion for the major dx or topband contests where
> there would be a limitation on how long a station could occupy a frequency
> and call cq?  Perhaps the more progressive thinking Stew Perry folks could
> consider this.

One of my favorite topics.  Luckily, the Stew Perry contest hasn't clogged the
band with wall-to-wall big signals.  If this did occur, we have talked about 
a rule that would somehow discourage the endless CQing by big guns, while 
other stations don't have the opportunity to CQ.  The Sprint QSY rule is one
of my favorites, but the larger population of topband contesters probably 
isn't ready for that one.

I heard several stations CQing with very few takers, but doing this and 
S&Ping with the second radio is the technique to get the largest score.

I just wish we saw more activity up the band - but I do realize a lot of 
people's antennas are not broadband enough to permit that for everyone.

Maybe a 10 kHz window reserved for stations who agree to QSY after they
work 10 guys.  It could be the "hot place" for guys to S&P and keep the
rate up.


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