Topband: Staying Away From W1AW?

Tom Rauch w8ji at
Tue Dec 6 19:08:18 EST 2005

> For those of us local to W1AW and without the large
steerable rx arrays  they
> are a real menace at 1817.5 -- besides the crud around
them (only in the
> last year to my view)

Of course I tell them when I hear something, but I don't
listen to them very often. The first I noticed it was a odd
beat note about three weeks ago, but that might have been
the first time I listened to them in a year. I use them to
calibrate direction for an interferometer system I have, and
it hasn't been working since last February.

It would be nice if locals in the NE watched the signal and
mentioned problems to them.

I'm sure, like any of us, they never know if there is a
problem unless someone actually tells them. At times I find
their signal exceptionally clean, at other times it gets a
bit ruff with a hum that can actually be heard on the beat

Noise blankers are a different problem. They just ruin the
receiver's dynamics. Nobody's fault but the receiver when a
NB is on.

73 Tom

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