Topband: Error in ARRL 160 contest rules?

Connie Marshall k5cm at
Wed Dec 7 12:26:46 EST 2005

W2RU wrote

The ARRL 160 contest is not -- and never was -- intended to be a DX 
contest.  It's a domestic contest.  In fact, in its first running in 
1970 and for some number of contests thereafter,  _all_ DX contacts 
counted as a _single_ multiplier.  Thus, the maximum multiplier in 1970 
was 76:  74 ARRL Sections, VE8, and "DX".   The fact that the Board 
and/or the ARRL Communications Department positioned the date of the 
contest right after a major CW DX contest weekend further attests to the 
fact that they did not originally intend it to be of particular interest 
to DXers, per se.

Bud.... well said and I agree!


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