Topband: Beverage Suggestions/Comments

Bill Tippett btippett at
Thu Dec 8 08:15:30 EST 2005

 >I have plenty of room, and lots of ladder line left over.
Would 800-1000 feet be that much better than 600'

         Probably not noticeable for one, but with another
120' you could put up an end-fire pair for one direction.
That would improve your F/R but I doubt that is your main
problem in Texas, since your thunderstorm noise probably
comes from all directions and not normally just from the
rear (SW assuming you would do this for EU direction).

 >Would raising the antenna to 8-10 feet off the ground help any?

         No, in fact that would degrade directivity.  If you could
lower it to 2-3' you might notice some improvement.

         I agree with K9DX that adding directions might be the
best use for your extra wire.  If you have one NE/SW now
(for EU and ZL/LP), I sugest ENE/WSW (for AF/skewed EU
and VK).  From Colorado, 70 degrees was much more common
than 40 degrees (true heading) due to auroral skew.

                                         73,  Bill  W4ZV

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