Topband: More Re: Carrier on 1820.4

W2RU - Bud Hippisley W2RU at
Thu Dec 8 23:32:54 EST 2005

A follow-up to my earlier posting:

I am now (0420Z) seeing (fluttering bars on the receiver S-meter) and 
hearing rapid flutter on the carrier on my vertical, with deep fades 
down to S3 or S4 for a few seconds at a time before the signal climbs 
back up to the S9 area.  It sounds for all the world like I'm rotating a 
Yagi through one of its nulls on a test source.  I'm not hearing this 
stuff on W1AW, which is essentially unchanged from my earlier report.  
Meanwhile, the carrier is doing a very slow fade between S3 and S5 on 
the NE Beverage.  When it _does_ dip below S3, there is no sign of the 
rapid flutter.

I live in some hilly / mountainous terrain, so it's easily possible to 
have multipath here.

Bud, W2RU

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