Mr. and Mrs. Magoo magoo at
Fri Dec 9 09:00:02 EST 2005

I posted earlier concerning a problem I was having with 2:1 transformers
wound on BN202-73 binocular cores.  The VSWR increased rapidly above about 5

Tom, W8JI suggested that the problem may well be cores which are not, in
fact, a 73 mix.  Last night, I wound up several more transformers from a
newer batch of BN202-73 cores, and all of them perform well up to 20 mhz or
so.  Only the first two transformers I wound had the poor response above

So, it appears that a couple of cores which are not 73 mix got into a
previous shipment I received.

All is well!  Thanks to Tom for solving the problem.  I guess we often
forget the first law of survival: "never assume"!

Bill, VE3CSK

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