Topband: 1820.4 carrier

George Johnson w1zt at
Fri Dec 9 13:58:45 EST 2005

To follow up today on John's report,

At 10:16 AM 12/9/2005, John Kaufmann wrote:
>I listened this morning around 1300Z, about one hour after sunrise, and 
>there was absolutely no QSB on the signal here in FN42gk (about 25 mi west 
>of Boston).    This suggests the source is within ground wave distance of 
>my QTH.  Before sunrise there was a small amount of QSB, indicative of a 
>mix of ground wave and sky wave.  The signal was S9++ on the Orion S-meter.
>The direction appears to be N to NNE.  I don't have a N Beverage but I do 
>have 1-wavelength Beverages at 45, 90, 135, 225, 270, and 315 degrees.  It 
>is strongest on the 45 degree Beverage, but there is a pronounced null on 
>the E and W Beverages, which suggests a northerly heading for the signal.
>73, John W1FV

At 1845z I am getting a steady signal NW of my location FN42nn (15 mi north 
of Boston).  It is local ground wave with no QSB at present.  I'm using a 
K9AY loop setup and the signal peaks significantly on the NE loop.  I am on 
the ocean north of Boston (Beverly MA) so this direction is inland from me 
towards NH.  It seems like it must between W1FV and I but further north.
73, George .. W1ZT

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