Topband: 1820 kHz Intruder

Dave Bowker dbowker at
Fri Dec 9 18:28:28 EST 2005

>From FN57RF at the 'tip-of-Maine' (N 47.2380 - W 68.7165) WGS-84, the bearing (True) is

220° ± 10° as read on an LF shielded loop of known accuracy/calibration.  It is

predominantly a sky wave signal and getting a good null on it is not possible with a loop @

this QTH, so the bearing noted should be taken with the appropiate caveats!

It is a steady carrier with no modulation as observed on a spectrum analyzer connected

directly to the Beverage, and '.wav' recordings would not be useful.  It was not detected here

during daylight hours today;  it became detectable around 1545 - 2000Z, but still in the

noise.  Someone within gnd wave range "down east" and with a good DF loop may be able

to contribute better bearing info.  Currently it is S9 and building with very rapid QSB on my

240° Beverage @ 2325Z.

I believe it might be advisable to involve the FCC's assistance in DFing this one ... their MD

facility may be better equiped to locate this source during daylight hours.

Dave, K1FK
Fort Kent, ME 

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