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> There were mis-givings after moving the "L" about the rather inordinately 
> LONG feedline needed to couple it to the shack --- 200+ feet as compared 
> to the original 15', or so ---
> ~73~ Eddy VE3CUI - VE3XZ


As you have found out, the losses at 1.8 mHz are so minimal that long 
feedlines have very little overall loss.  At the XZ0A DXped site on the 
island off the coast of Burma in 2000, we installed the 160 Meter elevated 
Ground Plane TX antenna beyond the 40 Meter 4-square and the 80 Meter 
4-square.  The overall length to the feedpoint was a bit over 300'.  ALL 
feedlines used by the DXped were RG-8X.  Even with over 300' of this 
feedline to the Topband TX antenna and more than 200' to the feed points of 
the 80 Meter elements on the 4-square, the performance was excellent.  I 
doubt we would have noticed a difference had we been able to afford, 
transport and install 1/2" Heliax.

73 de Milt, N5IA 

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