Topband: The death of 160m DX contests?

Steve Ireland vk6vz at
Sat Dec 10 07:42:45 EST 2005


It has been interesting to read the various emails about the CQ WW CW and 
the ARRL 160.

I figure the CQ WW CW these days is only good for a station as remotely 
situated from the rest of the world as VK6 to 'search and pounce' as one 
simply gets stamped on when CQing. As S and P for new countries and my 
friends is fun, I shall continue to S & P but don't bother to call CQ anymore.

The CQ 160 is pretty much the same game - the DX window in both the CQ WW 
and CQ 160 are hopelessly full of big US and European stations and 
pipsqueaks like me that are more than seven or eight thousand kilometres 
away from NA/US just get trampled on when they CQ.

With regard to the ARRL 160, from the point of both of the increasing 
inability of stations outside the northern hemisphere to raise anyone in 
the contest and the emails that say that this is really a US domestic 
contest anyway, I won't waste any more time on operating in this one.

Over the last five years, the great Stew Perry TBDXC has become more and 
more two independent domestic contests, with lots of people running in the 
US and Europe running QRP because of the high points on offer and having 
most of their QSOs within their own continent.  I would LOVE to see the QRP 
category in the Stew done away with entirely - then at least we would still 
have one REAL 160m DX contest.

I just hope you blokes in Europe and the USA like working each other 
(should I cynically say, like shooting fish in a barrel?), because if there 
isn't some changes in rules to make life more interesting for fools like 
myself in the southern hemisphere who are content to make half a dozen QSOs 
over 24-hours in a 160m contest, we will be extinct.

Put yourself in our shoes.

Vy 73

Steve, VK6VZ

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