Topband: Dirty Harry and the DX window

on4ww on4ww at
Sun Dec 11 07:14:52 EST 2005

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From: "Eric Scace K3NA" <eric at>
> There is another part of Steve's rule that is required to make it work as 
> intended.  A DX station operating in the window MUST ONLY LISTEN OUTSIDE 

Why ?

IMO, during contests :
- split operation should be avoided. It is only warranted when the 
pileup/chaos gets uncontrolable.
- working 1up 'inside' the DX-window, is of course nogo at all times.
- listening outside the DX-window 'per default' would create more confusion 
than benefit (S&P stations will lose time figuring out which station the 
pileup is clg)

What am I missing, Eric ?

73 - Mark - on4ww. 

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