Topband: dx windows herbs at
Mon Dec 12 14:56:27 EST 2005

Quoting Ford Peterson <ford at>:

> Let's face it, last week we had about 1500 people using 60 KHz of 
> spectrum.  60KHz folks!  That's it!

Great! Is this not a excellent demo of good spectrum utilization even under
weak signal conditions?

>  How about DX 'runs' frequencies at the top of each hour for 30 
> minutes......?

Brilliant!!!! especially if the opening is at local sunrise or sunset for
about 8 minutes to the otherside of the world.

Jefferson was right when he said the least governed are the best governed.
Making contest rules more complex is a non-starter, IMHO.

How about the ARRL setting a better example by moving their endless code
practice out of the "DX-Portion" and up the band to 1990KHz? I think such a
move would make everybody happy, contest or no contest.

Herb Schoenbohm, KV4FZ

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