Topband: Mexico's National 160m Contest

Ramon Santoyo V. ramon at
Mon Dec 12 23:09:26 EST 2005

For the 5th consecutive year FMRE is organizing the National 160m Contest on
January 14 to 15 (48 Hs/UTC).  This year I asked Pepe, XE1J, FMRE´s contest
manager for some changes and he agreed on all.
Although this is a mixed mode XE to XE only contest, starting this year DXCC
entities will count once as multipliers, as the 32 Mexican States does, but
will not give any points. This will generate that XE stations will look at
least for some DX this year.
Another rule that may interest you is that XE stations have to comply with
the band plan operating phone on 1.843 MHz and above.  I read several
complains the previous years on the cluster.
Many of the participants are not experienced contesters nor have big
stations but I am sure they will be able to work at least the southern US.
Some other stations, if they participate, will be able to make several
multipliers outside of the continent: XE1VIC, XE1RCS, XE1V, XE2AC, XE1MM,
XE2TG, XE2K, XE2ED, etc. 
In my case, points or no points, all foreign QSOs are as allways welcome.
73 de Ramon, XE1KK

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