Topband: Condx to UK

David Gilbert rimradio at
Thu Dec 15 03:30:27 EST 2005

This evening was an encouraging sign for the Stew Perry contest this 
weekend.  Several UK stations were especially strong into Arizona.   I 
had to give G3JMJ a 599 at 0737z and his signal was worth every dah of 
it.  I passed him over the first time I tuned across his CQ because I 
was sure he was stateside.  GM0GAV peaked about S7 when I worked him at 
0748z but he was still S5 when I shut the rig off at 0800z.  ON4WW was 
also strong but happened to park on a local spur that mostly blotted him 
out.  Static crashes seemed to be worse this evening than they have been 
lately, but the strong signal levels more than made up for them.

Good vibes ...

Dave  AB7E

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