Topband: beverage termination

Michael Sapp Michael_Sapp_WA3TTS at
Thu Dec 15 14:04:20 EST 2005

Anybody out there ever think of using spark plug wires
as beverage termination resistors? I just measured one
about 12 inches long and checked in at 590 ohms. Certainly
more weather-worthy than a 2-Watt Carbon.....

While on the termination subject I just put up a pair of K9AY
loops at club stn W3KWH, with the feed point about 4ft above
ground and lower loop ends about 7ft ( to avoid the deer trap
scenario). I have the termination resistor in the switch box but
I'm thinking is should really be as close to the ground rod and
radials as possible. Anyone have experience with this situation
comment on relative performance difference if any??

                        Mike WA3TTS

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