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Sat Dec 17 08:23:29 EST 2005

Trevor Smithers wrote:

>Is there a link anywhere to an mp3/wav file of this radar qrm
 >I've never heard it

Find dragon's mp3 file on JA7AO home page fellow link as bellow.

CUL Dan, S50U

The situation of noise from mid-September reported by Watt, JA0DAI below 
has not been changed yet. We have it everyday and have difficulty of QSO 
not only with DX but also JA, ourselves.
The signal is 15dB over S9 with 500Hz CW filter on my FT-1000 when I use 
a beverage for Europe in 330 degree. The center of the frequency seems 
to be around 1820KHz but this mysterious signal is not so much different 
between center and edge. 1665KHz to 1970KHz (300KHz width !) is strong 
noise but after it becomes clear all of a sudden as well as almost no 
spratter. Also I do not hear the second harmonic in here. The appearance 
time shifts day by day but it comes within 3 hours after the sunset and 
stays all night long.
According to the BBS about 160m in Japan, the derections from each area 
presumed by null of small roop are;
JA1 : 290 degree
JA2 : 300 degree
JA7 : 270 degree
JA9 : 280 degree
We can conjecture the approximate emission area.
Click below URL, My (our) old 160m friend Tok, JA7AO has mp3 file of the 

See you on 160m if the band is clear. 73, Aki JA5DQH / KH7A

S50CLX - Cerkno LinuX - Palk DXCluster

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