Topband: conditions during the SP test

John ljdoyle at
Mon Dec 19 09:31:52 EST 2005

Hi All didn't do many hours in the SP not the contesting type..but must say in all my years on 160m the conditions SAT. nite was the best i've ever seen as far as signal strength is conserned all dx was LOUD from EU and this morning conditions were great from maine after a couple of cq'sVR1RW answered my call, may have been a slim but the direction was right and i'm sure i copied the call correctly, my cw leaves a lot to be desired but he/she sent it enought times so i;m positive of that..anyone heard the call before???not a new one worked hong kong many years ago but sure is a thrill to hear that call here in new england...seasons greetings to all...John K1GUN...

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