Topband: WIFI and 160m W8AV at
Tue Dec 20 07:11:21 EST 2005

  I also have a wireless router within about 10 feet of my 160 station  and 
have had not problems whatsoever with interference on topband or  interference 
to the router from my transmitted 160 signal.  I am using the  80211g Linksys 
router so that the XYL can access the internet without having to  make a trip 
to the basement shack
 The only thing that I have to careful of is not to pick up the 2 GHz  
cordless telephone when we are using the WIFI since this will result in a  lost 
internet connection due to interference from the phone.  I am going to  have to 
upgrade the 2 GHz phone to a 5 GHz model to get rid of this  problem.  But that 
is for another time. Goose, W8AV

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