Topband: "Magnetic Receiving Loop / small loop , brief summary.

Ffive VHN f5vhn at
Thu Dec 22 02:40:28 EST 2005

Thank you to everybody who replied.
Here is a brief summary of the mails received.

I still do not know why this loop has been dropped
from the 'Low Band Dxer book". 

As I live in the countryside local noise has not been
too much of an issue for me. 

A SMALL LOOP (Some people do not like the use of the
term MAGNETIC LOOP) is good at eliminating local
noise. It has very sharp nulls. However it is not a
weak signal / DX receiving antenna. 
A lot of SWL (broadcast) use this antenna to receive
strong signal broadcast stations and eliminate other
broadcast stations on the same frequency. Their need
is not the same as ours.

A lot of care should be taken when constructing this
antenna and the choice of materials should be made
carefully. See the recent posts (20-21/12/05) for the
details. Otherwise you could end-up with your feeder
being your receive antenna.

The majority of people said go for a FLAG or PENNANT.
These are FAR superior at weak signal reception, but
in a fixed direction.

I may consider a K9AY type of arrangement. It may not
be as good as a BEVERAGE (or FLAG ?) but it is
directive and takes less space.

If I have time this season I may build the loop anyway
and do a comparison with the other antennas. 

One thing I did find was an East coaster who is using
a 225ft "Short Beverage" with great success. He
doesn't have room for anything bigger, so that is its
maximum length and it works for him. A 600-800ft
Beverage would be better, but....
So it pays to play around a bit. And it only costs a
bit of time. 

Thanks again.
Robert F5VHN ex-G0HGW
F5VHN at

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