Topband: k9ay- preamp

Marc Wullaert marc.wullaert3 at
Thu Dec 22 03:07:45 EST 2005

Hi topbanders,
I own  k9ay preamp for 160-80m and it is installed directly at the antenna.I
have the k9ay some 60m from the transmit antennas.
The performance is ok on 160m ,but on 80m it put the noise up to from s3 to
s9 when switching in the preamp
I checked swr (1.5 - 1.8 on 80 and 160m) and see when the amp is switched on
it go to swr 3.1.
Feedline (cattv) is under ground.
There is one grounding rod at the antenna where all  groundings is

do somebody have the same setup and could do a measure.How is the noise on
80m.SWR ?
do I have to separate the groundings ?

season greetings

marc ON4MA

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