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Thu Dec 22 10:26:48 EST 2005

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> Many successful low-band operators seem to have forgotten their roots. Who 
> ever started out with 1500 W, phased verticals, and several Beverage 
> antennas? Arcane knowledge and the appearance of exclusivity feed the ego, 
> but don't do much to increase activity. IMO the ON4UN book has progressed 
> from a pretty useful handbook to a photo album of big-gun stations, with 
> small-scale antenna possibilities tossed in as an a sidebar. We need a 
> beginner's guide to 160. As I get active on 160 and develop some 
> experience I will post information on my Website ( 
> ), but we could use it now. For starters, how 
> about a portable loop antenna that is built according to good engineering 
> practice?


I'd like to think that we little guns keep the big guns around just so that
there are stations capable of hearing our weak signals. Seriously though,
just think how many stations on city lots with compromise antennas have
gotten their first transatlantic or transpacific QSO from the likes of W8JI,
K9DX, 9M2AX, JA7NI, VY2ZM, or DF2PY. I have often thought the
ON4UN book could be condensed into a much smaller book titled
"Secret of Low-Band DXing" - It would have one one-sentence chapter -
"Move to the country" :):)  The companion book "Low-Band DXing for
the Masochist - a Guide to Operating 160 meters from the Urban QRN
Jungle" would similarly have one one-sentence chapter - "Be prepared
for constant disappointment and humiliation punctuated by rare occasions
of transcendent elation" :):)

73, Mike W4EF.........................

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