Topband: Stew Perry post contest logging

Ricardo cu2ju at
Thu Dec 22 14:22:49 EST 2005

Hi Topers,

It seams there are people having trouble with Stew Perry logging, I did my contest logging on paper, 
then had a bit of dificulty to find the program to log my contacts, and specily to generate a 
cabrillo log file acoording to the rules of the contest.

I used this one:

after trying several programs I finaly got the one that worked correctly to me and its a free one. 
just entered my details, and choosed the contest and specified it was a post contest logging, and it 
worked fine so my big thanks to W3KM for his work.

Maybe some of you would give a try, it generates a fine cabrillo file and after that i edit it just 
to add a few lines, and i had a positive confirmation from the TBDC log receiving system!

Best regards

73's de Ricardo Chaves
CU2JU - HM77ET - EU003
ex:CU2AAV NOV1999/JUL2004
cu2ju at

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