Topband: pre-xmas wonders frm Santa df2py at
Fri Dec 23 03:40:00 EST 2005

hi reflectees !
with great pleasure for us in Europe we enjoyed fabulous cndx to the western US. For the last 3 days the cndx seem to be improving everyday. Visible by the appearance of other stations than the usual "first layer amigos". A real good time to be on 160m these days. Of course this not news to the active 160m ops, but it may encourage the undecided to give 160 a whirl.
For today the path surely bypassed the W5 area and had a launch across WYO and MT into central/south CA. Tree had such great sig, we QSOed 5 min into my daylite. And for some unknown reason b4 sunrise the TX ant was better on rx but getting closer to SR the beverages sure were the winners.
After that frenzy i cant imagine the band getting any better !
Thanks to Santa Claus !     73de wolf   df2py

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