Topband: KR1S comments/N6RK additions

Larry Burke burkelj at
Fri Dec 23 08:38:27 EST 2005

>>I would take exception to this notion:

>>6.  Get a Titanex vertical, which can be tilted up at night and laid down
before the neighbors see it in the morning.

>>While I've only put up one, I did it 80m version.
>>They're not designed for repeated raising and lowering, and they're not
overly robust.  

>>jimjarvis at

Actually, Jim, the HD versions are designed for tiltover. I have the 160 HD
and use it exactly as the original poster suggested. It's 87 ft tall and
self supporting. Living in a restricted neighborhood, I was granted
permission to erect the Titanex so long as I tilted it over during daylight
hours. This is not usually a problem on the low bands as far as DX-ing goes.
Not having any trees of significant height, decent wire antennas were out of
the question as well. The Titanex is not a cheap solution and importing it
is a pain in the butt, but it works. I've been tilting it over daily during
the low band seasons for a year now without problems.... As a matter of fact
I better get out there now and do it.... Sun has been up for an hour!

Larry WI5A
Lima, OH

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