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Sat Dec 24 10:01:22 EST 2005

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From: "Garry Shapiro" <garry at>

>...if East Coast stations could forego their fifth, tenth or 50th QSO with 
> that are routine to them but rare to us, and give us a crack at them.
> An act of kindness comes back to the giver manyfold...

I don't believe this kind of altruism exists Garry.  You can get some good 
advice on this forum, and even some personal offerings of help via e-mail or 
phone.  But when it comes to actual operating, it's a different world.  For 
the handful of ops that will do what you are asking, there are the hundreds 
of others who would not think of it.  It's a "me-first" world, a world of 
the "haves and have-nots".  I assure you there is noone else who really 
gives a rip if you or I or anyone else works Europe or not.  It's up to you 
alone to do the best you can with what you have, and enjoy it.  It's a 
hobby.  I did find it interesting to hear the same W3 contact the same EU 
station 3 times in the hour or so that I was listening.  Was he being 
hoggish?  showing off?  or trying out different antennas?  Who knows.  But 
I'll bet he was having fun - regardless if he was QRMing a W6/W7 or not, I 
doubt if he cared.

I tried to work 9 EU stations last night (I stayed up most the night 
determined to make my first EU QSO), but could not work any of them.  The 
best I got was a QRZ? and NO COPY from OH2BO, if he was even replying to me 
at all.  I know there were many more EU stations out there last night, but I 
would stick with one for a long time waiting for good copy and no QRM to 
coincide.  I know what my weaknesses are, and I slowly correct/improve 
things as I have time and funds.  As of this year, I feel I have the best 
antenna set-up that I can fit on my acre - a T vertical over 50 radials, a 
270-ft dipole at 80 feet, and K9AY loops.  My remaining improvements are to 
investigate ways to reduce my constant S7-S9 noise levels, and scratch 
together enough cash and parts to build an amplifier - an ongoing 5-year 
endeavor now.  My foolish desire to get 160m DXCC is just not going to 
happen at his QTH with 100 watts.  And I do not expect Mr. W3 to sit on his 
hands while OH2 tries to hear a p-weak station from a deep rocky Montana 

73, Steve KK7UV

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