Topband: Central WA report

Larry Molitor w7iuv at
Sat Dec 24 11:18:55 EST 2005

 This last month has been both exciting and frustrating. CQWW CW and last night were the highlights for me.
  I have been hearing EU's frequently at my sunset, but typically they  can't hear me. During CQWW, I actually worked 4 EU's and one of them  was R1MVC for a new one. I don't remember ever working europe in CQWW  before.
  The last week or so I have been hearing EU openings very weakly past my  sunset but mostly they just fade out never to come back up all eveing.  I have been unable to work most of what I hear as usual. I listen to  N6TR and others to the south of me and am amazed at how much difference  there is in 200 miles!
  Last night was some better. I could hear EU weakly all evening. TR8CA  was weak but in the clear and I worked him without much trouble but  only because no one else was calling. 5B4AGM and OY9JD were both much  louder than TR8CA but I could not work either because of the east coast  and mid west wall. I could hear 4X4WN but he was too weak to bother  with. By 0530, I could just barely tell the EU's were in there.
  I guess I should be happy, because TR8CA is the first AF station I have  been able to work from the WA QTH, but I still dwell on missing the 5B  and OY again!
  Larry - W7IUV
  DN07dg - central WA

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