Topband: West Coast Openings

Greg Chartrand w7my at
Sat Dec 24 12:33:19 EST 2005

I would like to also support  the notion of giving the west coasters a break when the band opens like it did last night. This was the best opening of the year for me, (my antenna was off-line  until the end of Nov.). There were several new countries I heard for the first time and could not bust through the east/south/mid-west barrier for most of them. Its particiularly bad here up north; even though South Californa through Oregon did well over the last several days, last night was the only opeing for my area. In a good year, I might get three such nights a year. Keep that in mind when you decide to work these guys and you already have a QSL from them!

Never-the-less I logged:


Sorry you guys down south didn't have the sportlight all of  last night; that's probably why I worked a few stations!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.


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