Topband: Clix

Iowaguy earlham at
Mon Dec 26 17:35:58 EST 2005

Thanks for the replies I've received about the intermittent clix problem
I've been experiencing.  Spent some time on the problem today but could not
get the clix to occur.  Several people have suggested RF feedback (which was
one of my first hypotheses).  RF feedback does not appear to be the problem
(but still possible).  The clix occur only on the 4 sq array which is about
800' from the shack.  I can switch to my 1/4 elev feed vertical (which is
only abt 100' from the shack) and do not experience the clix problem.  Still
working on trying to get it resolved but have to get the problem to reoccur
before I can troubleshoot and fix!!

Also, I omitted my call from my earlier apologies.

73 and Happy New Year to everyone...Dave

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