Topband: Electric fences

Charles Bibb zedkay at
Tue Dec 27 13:12:25 EST 2005

Hi, All

Need a little info (and maybe some help) on QRM/RFI caused by electric 
fences.  I know many of you have this problem and may have been able to 
solve RX difficulties caused by them

First, what does electric fence RFI noise sound like?  Here, I have a 
pulsing noise source (external to my house) when the band is quiet.  It 
sounds like pulses of static or white noise.  Pulse duration is about 0.3 
sec and the interval between the leading edge of the pulses is just about 1 
sec.  I thought it might be a blinking digital clock (maybe on a VCR) in 
need of being set, but I have no close neighbors, and after killing power 
to everything in the house except the rig, it is still present.

Second, how far away can electric fence noise be heard.  I live on the 
outer edge of a small town, and I've scoped out every place I can think of 
where animals might be penned, but find no electrified fences.  Perhaps I 
am not looking far enough away?

Any help would be appreciated.

Charles - K5ZK

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