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 I wish I had an answer for you.  All I can say is you're the  
 victim of "ionospheric weather", very changeable.
 Seriously, I am convinced there is a meteorological factor in
 propagation, from the winds and atmospheric motions in the D-E
 transition region.  Since ions and electrons have high collision
 rates with the atoms and molecules up there, they are carried 
 along = rising, falling, tilting - as the atmosphere moves about.
 And the atmosphere does move, being seen from time to time in
 meteor and rocket trails.  But more convincing is the fact the
 atmosphere's composition is thoroughly mixed up to the turbopause,
 around 90 km.  With all the turmoil below, I cannot believe the
 atmosphere is in static equilibrium.  Our problem is the lack of
 observations up there.  But maybe some sharp-eyed meteorologist
 will spot a clue and start to untangle the problem.  
 In the meantime, hang in there and work all the DX you can.
 Bob, NM7M

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