Topband: 160m historical perspective

Tom Rauch w8ji at
Wed Dec 28 07:09:28 EST 2005

> I was just thinking today as this year draws to a close...
the top half of
> 160m was restored to amateurs from LORAN in 1985.  That's
20+ years ago.
> 160m has been a full-fledged amateur band now for over 20

Except to the ARRL. It still isn't a real band to them, and
we should keep reminding them of that.

I remember conversations with Prose Walker and Prose telling
W2EQS, W1BB, and others that 160 could be fully restored if
the ARRL would only ask. As I recall that was around the
early to mid 70's.

It's time for the ARRL to quit treating 160 like an unwanted
out-of-wedlock accident they are stuck with, and welcome it
into the family with loving arms.

73 Tom

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