Topband: Beverage resistor triming

Tom Rauch w8ji at
Wed Dec 28 07:17:32 EST 2005

> Is the tune for minimum SWR a flawed idea?

You tune for minimum SWR *VARIATION* as frequency is
changed, not minimum SWR.

In other words you sweep the antenna over a wide frequency
range while watching SWR at the antenna feedpoint (through a
matching transformer is OK, but not through a long
feedline). When the termination is proper the antenna will
have minimal SWR variation or change over a very wide
frequency range.

This says nothing about the absolute SWR value, just the
fact it varies in value. In other words 3:1 is OK as long as
it is nearly the same 3:1 from 1.8 to 4MHz.

73 Tom

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