Topband: CQWW 160 results 2005?

Dave Sharred dave at
Thu Dec 29 06:46:33 EST 2005

Hello gents;

does anyone know of these have found their way into print yet? nothing on
the CQ web pages yet; am keen to see how we fared last year ?

Please reply directly to me (if anyone could scan the results; I would be
grateful; but please offer first; I don't want lots of the same thing, HI

Great thread on Beverages, by the way. Last year, we used full wave ones at
MD4K, and we never checked SWR, as suggested, just used recommended values.
We will use a bit more care this year; with the advice given; but for what
it's worth, we were pleased with their performances all the same !

73 es seasons greetings

Dave, G3NKC

(MD4K op)

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