Topband: Topband crud herbs at
Thu Dec 29 10:25:13 EST 2005

Quoting Garry Shapiro <garry at>:

> OK, topbanders--here's a crud problem I could use some help with.
> I use a ViewSonic 19" CRT monitor in XGA 85 mode. When I lowered the
> vertical refresh rate to 75 Hz, the unwanted crud moved up about 20 kHz, and
> the sideband spacing became 75 Hz. OK, mystery solved--but the question
> remains: how to solve this so that I don't have to choose what part of 160
> to have screwed up.

An nice LCD display monitor will make you a happy camper on 160.  The price on
eBay is very reasonable today.

Herb Schoenbohm, KV4FZ

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