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Thu Dec 29 12:59:01 EST 2005

> From: Larry Molitor <w7iuv at>
>>  Anybody know what the path should be? (RA4LW)

Larry,  I doubt very much if you had a direct path to RA4LW so a more easterly
antenna would bring better results.  I have found here in the Virgin Islands
that Northern European stations do much better on my 70 degree Beverage than
the 30 degree Beverage.  (Both the same length)  This is an average
observation with respect to DX stations that have a direct path where the 30
degree Beverage pointed closer to them. I think there is an inherent minor
skew much of the time over this path.  There even may be an enhancement skew
as is the case with many JA openings favoring my SW Beverage rather than NW
oriented Beverage antenna.  In other words, my best JA openings have always
been on a skewed path away from the Auroral Zone.

There are other issues such as noise source null and QRN storm generator
locations...but the signal levels on the "wrong" antenna are so 
pronounced that
I would guess that there is a bit of built in skew in paths such as you have
described where the polar iron curtain does not absorb 99% of your signal.

Which leads me to this rhetorical question, last week with the Winter Solstice
there were less than 5 hours of complete daylight in Fairbanks, Alaska.....but
I would bet the farm that top band was not open to Worldwide DX 20 hours a
day, even with the seemingless endless greyline or darkness to DX somewhere on
the globe. Since global darkness generally promotes top band DX, KL7 still is
considered a problematic location for this band. Does anyone know why?


Herb Schoenbohm, KV4FZ

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