Topband: Morning EU

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Thu Dec 29 16:56:22 EST 2005

From: "RMarch" <n7ua at>
Subject: Re: Topband: Morning EU
Date: Thu, 29 Dec 2005 13:22:23 -0800

Larry,  Normal "long path" from here is SW.  But normal has a significant
standard deviation, just like short path does here. Today RAWLW was coming
from West. OH3XR was from SW with no trace anywhere North, same with OH2BO.
The path typically moves more towards the South ( as you noticed) as the
opening progresses towards SR.  RA4LW started best here North of West and
ended South of West, same for UN5J.  But the OH stations only could be heard
from the SW.  I checked all directions frequently, trying to peak them.  BTW
as has been true in the past,  today's 160 LP opening occurred  while LP on
80 was much better than normal.  GM3MOU and G0NVD were both over S-9 on 80M
LP at my SR.  (No trace of them on short path 80.)   Bob,  N7UA

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