Topband: Morning EU

Earl W Cunningham k6se at
Thu Dec 29 20:36:15 EST 2005

Larry, W7IUV wrote:

"So again what is the "normal" path for west coast USA to Europe "long
path" on topband??"
Be aware that during the winter solstice period that sunrise here in the
Western USA occurs after sunset in Northern and Eastern EU.  Therefore,
it is darkness (grayline) over all of the short path at that time.  Those
of you with GeoClock-type displays can easily see this.

My switchable 2-el vertical array has proven that those EU I have worked
at my sunrise have been via the short path.  If I switch the array to the
opposite direction, they disappear.

Of course, long path is possible at the same time, but much rarer in my
experience.  My only "true" LP QSO over the SW path was with A61AJ a few
years ago - not quite EU, but choice DX.

This is in Southern California.  Up north, in Oregon and Washington,
could very well be different.

73, de Earl, K6SE

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