Topband: Beverage above chain link fence

Ryszard Tymkiewicz rtym at
Fri Dec 30 06:30:33 EST 2005

> Probably the only way I will ever have a Beverage antenna at this QTH is 
> to run it along the top of a chain link fence. 

I'v been using two wires Beverage /switched in 2 directions/ above such a fence since 10 years.
It goes about 1,8 m above the fence which is about 1,6 m high on a lenght 140m ,about 40m rest 
of Beverage is just 2m above the ground without a fence. Its working quite well
and ususally I have about 5 S units swiching between directions. Probably it would work better
without a fence ..but it works anyway and helps a lot.


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