Topband: Morning EU

marko oh3xr at
Fri Dec 30 06:57:24 EST 2005


I listened for a long time Vlad RA4LW working west coast,  when I
finally started to hear signals here , they were best first from 45 deg.

When I worked Bob N7UA he was best from 90 deg and and the others I
worked/heard later were from 45 or/and 90deg. When the signal dissapeared
from 45 deg it might be audible again from 90 deg and so on. I Did listen
also with 140 deg beverage but that direction was too noisy to copy

The signals from 45 deg did have more flutter.

Definetly nothing from short path, did listen also that direction
for interest.

This is not the first time west coast heard/worked here this season,
cndx are there more often than we notice it.

Here is Bob around the same time last year 19 DEC 2004 1354Z from 90 deg.
This time didn´t have recorder on but Bob´s signal was much stronger

Rx antennas used 45 and 90 deg 340/300m beverages and 140 deg 210 m beverage
and TX antenna 2 ele vertical array beaming east.

73 and HNY

Marko oh3xr

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