Topband: Pile ups

Lennart Michaelsson lennart.michaelsson at
Fri Dec 30 11:30:23 EST 2005

W8JI Tom says:
What's wrong with dumping your call two or three times and
then waiting until you actually hear what the DX station
says or does? If you can't hear that, how do you expect to
make a QSO?

 This does not merely apply to US stations.
Last evening we had a very unusual and good opening between Eu and VK.
Many Eu:s were called by VK:s and later V51AS showed up as well.
In spite of listening many kept EU:s kept on calling cq.
I don't consider this touchy because it means quite a few missed a good
chance to work maybe their first VK.
The solution is to listen more carefully and maybe also take a look at DX

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