Topband: Pile ups

Lee K7TJR k7tjr at
Fri Dec 30 14:49:20 EST 2005

Tom W8JI said:
What's wrong with dumping your call two or three times and
then waiting until you actually hear what the DX station
says or does? If you can't hear that, how do you expect to
make a QSO?

Lee K7TJR says:  
Well said e-mail Tom. I agree totally with you. I listen here in NW to this going on all the time. Not only on 160 but on 75 meters as well. Many times a DX station will just simply go away after the ceaseless calling and tail-ending by stations that just wont stop sending. I think that we all need to do a little soul-searching and hopefully realize that we will all work a lot more DX if we could learn to back off and leave a little space for the frequency to clear out. Lets face it, busting a pile-up is no badge of honor, it may look totally different to other observers and carry with it a badge of disgrace (LID). And yes the JA operators are superb, I worked 124 of them in the CQ-160 in January. This year and the next are probably going to be the best we get for quite a few years so why don't we all make a New Years Resolution to make the best of what we have by leaving a little space for all. 
HNY and Good DX    Lee K7TJR

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